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PJF Services New Zealand’s most reliable specialist property maintenance services company helping New Zealand companies and individuals keep their property in great condition.

Our 40 years of experience have made us the most reliable surface maintenance and painting suppliers in New Zealand. We offer high quality workmanship and a seamless customer experience. No matter your location, industry or job, you can count on us to get the job done very time – guaranteed.

Our History

PJF Services Ltd was incorporated in the 70s, initially as Phillip J Fisher Painting and Decorating. Our founder – Phillip Fisher – first went to trade school and then learned by working together with his father, tradesman painter C.D. Fisher.

The brand got its start in the Canterbury area, serving the needs of clients in a variety of public and commercial industries. Over time, PJF Services built a loyal customer base that has stayed with us to this day; a fact we’re immensely proud of.

The reason we’ve been able to stay in business all these years lies in the core values established by Phillip Fisher. We have maintained these values for many decades, and work diligently to solve all your property maintenance needs with them in mind.

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Our Work

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Our Work

View our gallery to see our recent projects


PJF deliver a full range of services

Our Core Values


Our three core values are simple: quality, professionalism and reliability.


Quality means delivering results that look great – and stay durable through extended use. We hand-pick our employees, and personally select all the products we use, to uphold the quality standards our clients have come to expect over 40-odd years.


Professionalism means being respectful of your time, your property and your energy. We understand how tedious property maintenance can be – and do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible on you.


Reliability means providing services and workmanship our clients can count on to be the best. With us, you always know exactly what you’re getting; no sneaky tactics, no hidden fees, no surprises.


Together, these three values are what guides our everyday work – and, in our personal opinion, the reason we’ve been able to enjoy enduring success in New Zealand throughout the years.


Our Location


PJF is a nationwide company operating throughout all of New Zealand. We are headquartered in Christchurch, NZ’s second-largest city, for convenience – but we really do operate throughout the entire country, with locations in Auckland, Waikato, the Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Wellington and many other places.


Each of our locations is a part of a large network of top-tier painting crews and specialists. Many of our staff are willing to travel for projects – like they did for our New Caledonia project, ordered by an international client.


No matter where you’re located, we are more than confident in our ability to do a great job on your commercial, public or private property.


This starts with our core values, which you already read about, and is a part of everything we do – including healthy & safety.


Healthy & Safety


H&S is a major area of concern for many of our customers – and we’re proud to say that we have partnered with a major national consultancy firm to create a Workplace Healthy, Safety & Wellness plan that keeps our work environments safe to work on – and be around.


All our employees are fully educated on hazards, unsafe behaviours and dangerous objects. There is a framework in place that helps assess and minimize the risk of an accident happening – and the workers and their managers will both cooperate with you to make sure the project goes as safely as possible.


Even better, we design our assets in a way that protects people and property from harm and injury. No bare wires, slippery surfaces or dangerous tools will be near or around your property when you hire us, so you can continue to enjoy life care-free while we do property maintenance work.


Our Process


Our work process is simple and transparent. First, we visit the property to measure and assess it. Then we recommend a project, suggesting what we think should be done in accordance with your needs and budget.


Third, we get feedback from you – and use it to improve on our plan. This step is repeated as many times as necessary until we “get it right” and both sides are satisfied. Finally, we start, carry out and complete the project.


This process means there are no hidden fees and surprise costs for you – and that we are absolutely responsible for everything that was agreed on with you before work started.


Our Services


We offer a wide range of exterior and interior painting and decorating services, with a great team who not only go the extra mile, but are respectful of your property and needs.

Exterior Pressure Cleaning

At PJF we offer a variety of surface cleaning services. These can be regularly scheduled, or booked in by you, when, and as the need arises. (see Building Maintenance)

Property Care Plans

The senior management team at PJF can leverage 40 years of experience to provide a detailed Property Care Plan that works for you. Our plans include a detailed condition report plus recommended remedial repairs-and an ongoing maintenance programme. (See our Programmed Maintenance)


PJF offer all aspects of interior GIB stopping and dry wall plastering including GIB repairs and Coving installation, Level 5.

Industrial Coatings and Fire Protection

PJF are one of only a few approved and endorsed applicators of intumescent coatings in the construction, industrial and commercial markets.

Wall & Door Protection

PJF are strong advocates of door and wall protection systems commonly seen in healthcare and other public facilities. Acrovyn protective panels & Novelio fiberglass wall linings will reduce your maintenance spend over time – guaranteed.

Novelio High quality glass fibre wallcoverings

Novelio Architectural woven and non woven paintable & finished wall coverings will transform your walls and provide you with a durable surface that looks fantastic.

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