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Interior & Exterior Painting Services.

Our 40 years of experience has made us the most reliable surface maintenance and painting services company in New Zealand. We offer high quality workmanship and a seamless customer experience. No matter your location, industry or job, you can count on us to get the job done every time – guaranteed.

From interior and exterior painting, through to grounds maintenance and exterior pressure cleaning, we have you covered!

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Exterior and interior painting services

Here at PJF Services, we offer a nationwide range of exterior and interior painting and decorating services. We have a great team who not only go the extra mile, but are respectful of your property and needs.

Our commercial painting services can be tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our specialised teams are experienced, professional and take on a client-centric approach to each and every job; we go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

We are often asked the question “what sort of paint do you use?

As a company that is focused on delivering a high quality finish, we use premium brand paints such as Resene and Dulux. Over more than four decades of working within the industry, we’ve found that these brands deliver a broad colour palette, a quality finish and have great durability; we want our work to last and look great for many years to come, which is why we only use the best!

Of course, if our clients have a preference for a particular brand or type of paint, we are more than happy to accommodate these needs.

PJF Services is a partner of the Resene Eco Decorator programme, an initiative that recognises environmentally responsible, quality-focused services.

Commercial Paint Maintenance Programs

PJF Services has a culture of innovation, we strive to do things better, faster and smarter than any other company in New Zealand. This is confirmed by our innovated property care programs we provide.

Regardless if you have multiple sites around the country or just one site, PJF can develop a painting maintenance programme that will plan out the maintenance for your buildings over a 1-10-year period. Programs are easy to manage and allow the property manager to set and forget, resting in the knowledge that his or her commercial property portfolio is being cared for properly.

Our programs can include, full repaints, sectional or partial repaints, external pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning of buildings, gutter cleaning, window cleaning and grounds maintenance services, you choose the required services and we develop the plan… we make it easy.

If that’s not enough, we offer flexible payment options depending on your situation you can choose between pay as you go options which means you pay for the services in lump sum amounts as the services are completed or you can opt for a spread of cost painting maintenance program, which spreads the cost of the program over a 1-10-year period.

Paint maintenance programs are designed to be flexible and easy for clients to change and amend as situations change, gone are the days of long term contracts that are costly and hard to get out of. Contact PJF today to find out what we can do for you and your property.

Commercial painting services

As one of the leading painting companies serving Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, you can trust PJF Services to deliver a superior service – whether your office requires a fresh coat of paint, or you’re in need of commercial painting contractors to complete a repaint for a body corporate PJF Services can provide you with an efficient, innovative approach to commercial painting services in New Zealand.

We take the time to sit down with each and every one of our clients to ascertain exactly what’s required; this client-centric approach ensures work is carried out in line with your specific needs. As experienced commercial painting contractors, we’ve carried out repaints to hospitals, body corporates (e.g. common areas within apartment complexes), schools, community centres and much more. We have the manpower and management capabilities to take on large scale projects, but we’re also happy to assist with smaller jobs as per your requirements.

From Christchurch to Auckland, we’re the painting contractors you can trust!

As one of the leading painting companies serving Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and regional towns such as Hamilton, Palmerston, Tauranga, Nelson, Queenstown, Dunedin, Timaru and Invercargill PJF Services is your number one choice when it comes to interior and exterior painting projects.

Our experienced team – which is backed by decades of industry experience – consists of employees and established agents who believe and live up to our company values. Regional managers in turn coordinate this dedicated team.

As a solid network, PJF Services is able to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end service to clients across New Zealand. While we are involved in large projects and operate a highly systemised and process driven business, we are able to provide our clients with a specialised, personal service that you’d expect from a small boutique business.

With all projects, we provide you with one point of contact to manage your entire project from start to finish. While we specialise in commercial painting projects, we are able to also project manage associated trades that you may require – such as carpentry, carpet and even signage.

So what exactly do we offer?

  • Interior & exterior decorative painting
  • Staining and timber finishing
  • Airless spraying
  • Specialist coatings – fireproofing and industrial coatings (see below for more details)
  • Roof coatings
  • Re-imaging and signage – PJF can project manage your external refurbishment from concept to install
  • Novelio wall linings (see below for more details)
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Gib-stopping/plastering and drywall plastering (see below for more details)
  • Industrial floor coatings
  • Paint stripping and lead based paint

Exterior pressure cleaning

Exterior pressure cleaning is the best way to ensure your property looks clean, fresh and tidy!

At PJF we offer a variety of surface cleaning services. These can be regularly scheduled, or booked in by you, when, and as the need arises.

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    Cleaning System

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Our next generation water blasting and chemwashing equipment allows us to clean your property in no time at all; we can quickly and efficiently remove built-up dirt and grime without causing any harm to the building itself. Our high-tec equipment includes long water-fed poles that allow us to reach every nook and cranny safely up to seven storeys, as well as an Ultra-Pure water cleaning system for windows that results in a crystal clear, streak free finish – forget traditional scrub and squeegee cleaning!

Our external pressure cleaning services include:

  • Building wash-down and asset cleaning
  • Hot water blasting
  • Low pressure chemical cleaning
  • Pavement/site cleaning and gum removal
  • Car park surface cleaning and oil spill removal
  • Graffiti removal and protection (we can address this urgently when required)
  • Moss and lichen treatment
  • Spouting cleaning using vacuum system
  • Ultra-Pure water window cleaning
  • Street furniture and bin cleaning

Why clean the exterior of your building?

External building pressure cleaning and low pressure chemical cleans is a very low cost effective way to keep your properties looking good, it will not only enhance the presentation of your property but will preserve and maintain the paint coatings and substrates, reducing the need of expensive maintnece.

Whether you need to remove dust, dirt, debris or built up moss and lichen, we can provide a range of services to do it quickly, efficiently via long reach poles and boom truck access. It’s safer and prevents the occurrence of damage to paint or building surfaces, ultimately saving you money long term.

Grounds Maintenance Services

At PJF Services, we care about your first impressions. As we all know first impressions are made within 15 seconds, that’s not a long time to impress your customers, suppliers or employees.

Our extensive team of agents and contractors are able to deliver a superior grounds keeping service to suit businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a clean and tidy car park, mowed lawns or a manicured garden you are after (or all of the above), we can make it happen. After all, an attractive property appears more professional and inviting; when it looks better on the outside, more people will want to come inside!

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Our grounds care services include:

  • Lawn and garden maintenance
  • Litter collection and removal
  • Car park sweeping

No matter what the job entails, we always place safety first. We conduct our own site specific safety plan (SSSP) and task analysis, which is followed up with regular on-site meetings between staff and managers to ensure protocol is followed effectively.

What are the advantages of professional property maintenance?

Professional grounds maintenance from PJF Services has a number of advantages – the main one being that it’ll improve the cosmetic appearance of your property. This in turn creates a better first impression and improves the perception visitors have of your brand.

We offer property care programs to care for your first impressions.

We all like to make things easy and that’s exactly what our property care programs offer, regardless if you’re a multi-site property owner or a single site owner, PJF can develop our unique property care programs for your sites ground, painting and external pressure cleaning maintenance.

Our programs can include, a range of ground maintenance services through to full repaints, sectional or partial repaints, external pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning of buildings, gutter cleaning and window cleaning, you choose the required services and we develop the plan… we make it easy.

When you reach out to us, we’ll schedule a time that suits you in order to discuss the specific requirements of your business. Perhaps you’re a small business with a couple of car spaces and front garden, or maybe you’re a larger company or organisation with extensive grounds to care for and maintain – either way, we’ll suggest a plan of action that can extend 10 years into the future if need be. We then ensure that the plan fits your business needs and budget; of course, this can be adjusted as time goes by!

Why is it a good idea to outsource ground maintenance?

We often tend to think we lose control when we outsource work to external contractors and find it easy to employ staff direct thinking that you will have more control and influence over the work that is completed. At PJF we understand that way of thinking and have made an effort to partner with our clients, rather than simply being a contractor that performs maintenances services, we want to become a partner, someone you can trust and rely on and some one that you can call on at any time to help you out even when jobs or tasks are out of scope of our standard services, we want to make it easy and be somebody you can count on.

When you hire contractors – such as the team at PJF – you get the benefits of working with a larger network that can offer a better price. We have access to greater buying power, and national capacity.

As a company with years of industry experience, you can count on us to deliver high quality maintenance services that are spot on from day one – no need to ‘re do’ jobs that have been done poorly the first time around! Our aim is to always do it once and do it right; we don’t cut corners.

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