Anti Graffiti Coatings for Natural Concrete

Is there such a thing as a clear anti-graffiti coating for concrete that doesn’t change the appearance? The answer is yes.

For years architects, specifiers, building owners and managers have been searching for an anti-graffiti solution for natural concrete structures. There is plenty of clear anti-graffiti coatings on the market but all of these use polyurethanes to provide an impervious finish to the substrate making tagging easy to clean off. Current coatings on the market are normally semi-gloss or gloss and will change the appearance of natural concrete

Surface Shield HD on Natural Concrete

Surface Shield HD on Natural Concrete

However, Dulux in recent times as introduced their Surface Shield anti-graffiti products. APP Surfaceshield HD (heavy duty) is a waterborne solution used to protect vertical surfaces from damage caused by graffiti and pollution as well as meeting the most stringent VOC regulations. APP Surfaceshield HD is a nonsacrificial coating and hence long-term surface protection is achieved after a single application. Its non-film-forming characteristics mean that APP Surfaceshield HD penetrates even the smallest pores without modifying the optical appearance of the substrate. Graffiti on surfaces protected with APP Surfaceshield HD can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal agents and hot water pressure, making it the ideal solution where economic maintenance cleaning is required. APP Surfaceshield HD can be used to protect a wide variety of porous materials used in construction, retail, municipality, hospital, and urban environments. Some uses include protecting walls, facades, and roofs.

The team at PJF has performed trials of the product and confirms it is a very effective coating, it does not change the appearance of natural concrete and once graffiti has been applied, it is very simple to remove the graffiti tagging by the use of standard anti-graffiti remover chemical and a low-pressure hot water blast.

Applying the Anti-Graffiti Coating

PJF Painting services team can apply the water-based surfaceshield using a low-pressure wet on wet pass application, the product is also very safe and easy to apply with no nasty isocyanates in the product meaning that our painting contractors can apply the product in any environment without having to set up exclusion zones that are required when applying other two pot urethane type anti-graffiti coatings.

With our national coverage of painting contractors, PJF has the ability to apply the coating anywhere in New Zealand. Based out of Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland we are able to effectively services the country offering our fast, efficient, no hassles service to our growing client base of property owners, investors, managers, and occupiers.

PJF has for more than 40 years been involved in providing painting services to the commercial markets of New Zealand and has a well-oiled systemised company that excels in customers services, our dream is to provide a customer experience that cannot be paralleled by the service offered by other national painting service and property maintenance providers in New Zealand.

Cleaning the Graffiti off

An anti-graffiti coatings true test is when the structure or substrate it is protecting is actually tagged, this is when the coatings performance is put to the test, how well has the painting contractor applied the coating, how well has it covered the substrate and how well does it resist the chemicals required to remove the graffiti tag?

With the Dulux surface shield HD, it’s a clear, nonsacraficial coating that is very easy to apply and clean once it has been tagged with graffiti.

PJF has trialed the product and found that graffiti left on the protected natural concrete for over 2 weeks was still very easy to clean off using a chemical graffiti remover and a low-pressure hot wash water blast. The graffiti left no shadowing on the concrete surface and we were very pleased with the end result.

The cleaning off of graffiti and tags does not have to be a major, with an experienced team of pressure cleaners around the country, PJF Services, pressure cleaning division makes the removal of graffiti a breeze. We have the training and experience to efficiently remove unsightly tags from a range of substrates and surfaces such as clay brick, stones, concrete, timber, color steel, glass, and plastics.Graffiti Removal








Another effective way to control graffiti is set up an anti-graffiti program, PJF Services can visit your sites or site and establish a program to keep your property graffiti-free, this could include:

  • Our painting contractors division applying anti-graffiti coatings to specified areas.
  • Daily, weekly or Monthly site checks for graffiti vandalism
  • Prompt removal on-call service of graffiti tagging

Anti-graffiti programs guarantee your property will remain free of graffiti for the term and are paid on an equal monthly payment scheme meaning that you can budget your spend on graffiti removal across all your properties.

How to Proactively Discourage Graffiti Tagging?

To proactively discourage taggers from defacing your property is a constant challenge for property owners, managers, and tenants. At PJF the studies that we have conducted on anti-graffiti systems has found that there is no easy solution to deter and discourage graffiti tagging. However what we did find was that taggers give up easier than what you might tend to think.

With graffiti artist, it’s a war between the property owner or manager and the tagger, its who has the most endurance. Taggers like to have their tag displayed and show their friends and followers where their tags are and how long they have remained on that spot if you are wanting to do a favor to graffiti artist you can do this by simply leaving the tag as it was applied in place.

If you are wanting to join the fight and discourage taggers from defacing your property you need to follow the next 3 steps.

Step 1 – Protecting your property

You need to protect your property, this can be done with the application of anti-graffiti coatings if the correct anti-graffiti coating is applied this will be a cost you will need to budget for every 5-10 years depending on your property exposure and site. PJF painting services division can assist you to specify and apply the correct anti-graffiti coating for your property.

Protecting your property won’t discourage graffiti taggers on its own it will help you to clean the graffiti tag off in a cost-effective manner saving you removal costs and making it easier to remove the tags. The best you can do in the fight against graffiti taggers is to remove their tags before any of their friends and followers get to see the tag.

Note anti-graffiti coatings or high gloss finishes that are seen on a wall are a magnet for a graffiti artist, they know you are trying to stop them from defacing your building so they go to extremes and apply graffiti on areas you never thought of or perform large tags on the visibly protected areas.

Step 2 – Remove the Graffiti Quickly

As mentioned above, the faster you can remove the graffiti the faster you will win the fight of discouraging graffiti artist from attempting to deface your property, this does cost you in the short-term but in the long-term will save thousands in the long term when word gets around that you are serious about keeping your property graffiti free .

Step 3 – Implement an Anti-Graffiti Removal Plan

As discussed above, PJF Services is passionate about keeping commercial property looking good and maintaining the property and its presentation. One of the most damaging things that affect your properties appearance is graffiti. Having a plan that is implemented to tackle this issue will help you with caring for your first impressions.

Anti-graffiti removal plans will guarantee you a graffiti-free property for the term, they can be incorporated into one of PJFs standard Property Care Maintenance Programmes which are designed to cater for a larger range of property services such as painting or buildings or structures, sectional repainting programs, pressure cleaning, building wash downs, window cleaning, pest control, grounds maintenance, lawn mowing, garden maintenance and rubbish pick up. All this can be set out in a 1 to 10-year plan that provides you as a property owner or manager with an easy to read plan that will keep your property looking good and maintained. Programmes can have flexible payment terms that suit your business cash flow requirements from pay as you go to equal spread payments for the duration of the contract.

If you are looking for anti-graffiti systems or painting services, property maintenance services, pressure cleaning or grounds maintenance services, please get in contact with PJF Services today on 0800 753 583 or visit or email

Kind Regards,

James Fisher