Low-pressure chemical cleans seen as an alternative to high-pressure washing, Low-pressure chemical cleaning has become a more popular, safer way to clean a commercial property in recent years. It offers a less damaging solution for cleaning sensitive buildings or materials which could be damaged or eroded by pressure washing.

The chemical cleaning procedure is to apply a cleaning agent to the surface of the building and allow it to kill the bacteria or fungi that are present, therefore cleaning the surface. Then follow with a low-pressure clean removing all residue.

The chemicals of choice that we see used a lot on commercial properties are Sodium Hypochlorite which has a high environmental and health risks, and caution should be taken if any contractor proposes to use such chemicals on your site.

Find out what happened to one contractor who used this on his site and didn’t manage the environmental impact of the runoff

Sodium Hypochlorite is a bleaching agent, which can produce oxidizing hazards, cause chemical burns, and can release chlorine gas, causing respiratory issues.

Whilst Low-pressure chemical cleaning is a safer way to clean a building, there are concerns over the products used to achieve a “Safe-Clean”. With the help of our partners Kemsol, we have developed a safe alternative to chemical cleaning commercial property and providing exceptional results.

Our product used do not contain QAC’s, nor Bleach, they are environmentally safe, aquatic safe, do not cause chemical burns, and do not affect respiration. The one thing they do very well is CLEAN very effectively for immediate results. Removes Algae, Mould, Lichen, Environmental Contamination, such as Diesel. Is safe to use on stone, brick, concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, render and glass.

If you want to know more, or if you have a building that requires a “Safe Clean Low-Pressure Clean” then please get in touch.

We can complete any chemical clean with an Ultra-pure window cleaning leaving a spot free clean to your windows.

Ultra-pure window cleaning is a safe and efficient method that only uses 100% purified water to clean the glass, it does not streak, spot or stain because the solids and harness in normal unpurified water are removed via a series of treatment filters.

Our window cleaning system can reach up to 7 stories from the ground and we operate all over New Zealand. If you would like some very competitive pricing, please get in contact today to speak to one of our account managers in your region.

PJF have next-gen water blasting and chemwash equipment that allows us to clean your properties quickly, efficiently and with no risk of harm to structures.

This includes super high reach water fed poles (safety matters again) and the latest Ultra-Pure Water Cleaning system for windows. Ultra-Pure water is just that – it’s purified through a resin filter to remove all the impurities and minerals – this means your glass can be scrubbed clean and the water evaporates off leaving a streak-free finish. If your glass is already etched with spots from rain this will remain, as it would after traditional scrub and squeegee window cleaning.

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