First Impressions Matter

In a recent study, consumers were asked how much of an impact the external appearance of a retail store, hotel or restaurant made their decision to go inside… the results were staggering!

More than two-thirds of consumers interviewed said they have avoided a place of business based on its external appearance alone. Consumers decide whether or not they will shop at your store, sleep at your hotel or eat at your restaurant based on its presentation from the street…

It’s not possible to research every company you buy from. As a result, customers often let their first impressions guide their evaluations of a business, according to the book “Travel and Tourism,” by Hilary Blackman and colleagues. Your customer’s first impression of your business is judged on the exterior appearance of your property, if your facilities are rundown and filthy, new customers will more than likely turn and walk out the door or move onto your competitor. Even if they stay, they’re not going to be willing to pay much for your product or service.

Making a good impression is vital to business. Many customers, upon seeing dirty or disheveled facilities, will immediately head to the nearest competitor. Even if the state of your facilities has nothing to do with how well you serve your customers, an unsanitary and unpleasant atmosphere creates negative impressions and can lead customers to dismiss you out of hand.

A lack of upkeep and maintenance tells customers a few things. First, it tells them you don’t care what they think. If you did, you’d at least make your facilities presentable. Second, it tells customers you don’t pay attention to the details. For example, a restaurant that lets customers sit on filthy furniture probably pays even less attention to its kitchen, which customers don’t see. Third, a lack of upkeep usually means cost-cutting, which might mean your business doesn’t have enough customers to be successful. That tells a customer your product or service doesn’t offer much value.

We live in a highly visual world and the results from market research make this clear. Specifically, research asked consumers how much of an impact a retail store’s appearance has (from the street) on their decision to go in. In other words, is “how the place looks” as important as the level of service, or cost?

The results indicated that physical appearance does matter – significantly. And it suggests that retailers in all industries from automotive to restaurants to big-box should focus on the external presentation of their building to ensure there are satisfied customers inside.

We have found that small improvements to the external presentation of your property can affect your customers buying decisions.

A low-pressure chemical clean your property followed by a window clean will bring back the sparkle to your building. Here is what Karl said:

Karl @ Scott Seafood

“Thanks we are very happy with the work buildings never looked cleaner
Thanks, Karl”

First impressions count – improve your property presentation and give your guests, clients, and staff the feeling they are somewhere fresh and new.

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