In today’s tough economic world, we need to be thinking of smarter ways of doing things. At PJF Services we like to lead the painting and property services industry by providing innovative and smart thinking ways of providing our property care services.

This is not limited to painting a building faster or pressure cleaning an external facade quicker.  It could include the products we use, the access that’s allowed for or the method specified. No one likes waste and we love a challenge to develop the most efficient way of doing something, efficient not necessarily in time but in overall cost to you as the client.


We have recently done cost analysis on the external painting of a standard concrete tilt panel building. A concrete tilt panel building would be typically painted every 10-12 years providing it was based in a non-sea spray zone and regularly pressure cleaned down.

To repaint a typical 300 m2 concrete tilt panel building using a standard acrylic paint system would typically cost around $7000-$8000, this system would be expected to last 10-12 years.

However, to paint the same size building using a highly durable urethane coating system that would have a typical material cost of 54% more than a standard acrylic system you could be looking at the approximate cost of $7700-$8800 which is only 10% more than a standard acrylic paint system. However, the real benefit here is that a highly durable urethane coating system with good colour retention should have a life expectancy of 15-20 years before the need to repaint.

This equates to approximate savings of 80% over the life of the coating providing the building was regularly washed and maintained.

Innovation can be very spectacular and often is, however it can also be very simple if you have the passion for challenging the norm, which is essentially what we do at PJF. We don’t accept the mentality “it’s been done like this for the last 50 years so that’s the way is going to be done” we challenge everything and continually look to do things smarter and faster leading our industry in innovation.

Perhaps the cost of maintaining your buildings is too high and you need to review this, why not give PJF a call and see what we can do to save you costs both short term and long term on any upcoming painting, pressure cleaning or property maintenance projects.