Commercial Painting With A Drone !!

Drone is the buzz word of today and recently a friend shared this video of some painter who believes he has developed a system to paint commercial buildings with the assistance of a drone.

While at PJF Services we thrive on innovation and developing smarter and faster ways of doing things we at the same time check in with reality to make sure that our developments are not pie in the sky…

With technology moving faster than the speed of light (that’s what it seems) who knows what the future will hold, one thing we do know is that at PJF Services, we want to be the leaders in the commercial painting and property maintenance services industry using innovation and technology.

Is Innovation limited to new technology?

No, we don’t believe it is, innovation can be anything from new processes and systems to new products, equipment, and obviously technology.

When we think innovation we think in terms of doing things smarter, for example in recent trials done with our painting teams we found that by implementing a basic system we could achieve huge efficiencies resulting in labour savings of 20-40% which is a massive saving off your commercial painting project.

I.e you have a commercial building external repaint:

Typical repaint cost of $100,000 requiring approx. 1200 hours of labour.

Use innovation and systems to maximize efficiencies on a project:

Repaint cost of $65,000 requiring approx. 750 hours of labour.

Doing the same thing but smarter.

So while the idea of drones is good and certainly not to be ignored the questions have to be asked?

  1. Can a drone or robot perform the services to the same level of quality as a human, in the painting trade you have many many variables from, substrates to paint condition, environmental impacts and weather?
  2. Can it do all types of jobs or on parts of a job. i.e could a drone or a robot cut in a timber window sash 4 stories high?
  3. What would the cost be to develop this and ROI?

Ideas please, if you have any bright ideas, please let me know we would love to hear from you!!

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