Proactive Property Maintenance-What is it?

It’s a question that often comes up when we speak about property maintenance, should it be proactively or reactively managed?

In my dealings with a lot of different property owners, managers and tenants I have found there is inconsistency and confusion as to when to apply proactive or reactive maintenance. Property managers and owners are not only to blame as there is a misconstrued concept of “proactive” property maintenance presented and marketed by property services providers.

For example, the old fashioned ‘painting program’ model where a building is painted in year one and paid for over the next 10 years. The exorbitant costs are justified (or not) by returning to site annually and doing a few touch ups and a building wash down. In my opinion this is a “financed painting job”.

I am researching and working with property professionals to develop a unique and truly proactive way to actively manage property maintenance and property care.

What we are focusing on is the following;
  1. Determine what work ACTUALLY needs to be done now-and what can be scheduled for the future (and plan this out with accurate forecasted costs)
  2. For each property care plan, look at what is going to generate the most ROI for both owner and tenants. Example; There is little benefit in cleaning the back service areas every 6 months when only the delivery driver sees it.
  3. Flexible contract arrangements with shorter contract periods, (we know in today’s market things change quickly and we need to move with the changes)
  4. Payment of work actually done without expensive interest costs and admin fees.

I would value ideas or opinion from anyone interested in proactive property care to email me or post a comment on this blog.

Published on June 4th, 2016 by James Fisher
Managing Director at PJF Services Limited

Republished on June 13, 2016,