Ray White Northwood

When a building starts to look tired it impacts negatively on the tenants brand image-AMP Capital who manage the Northwood Supa Centre recognise this and were proactive in engaging PJF to refresh the paint work on the Ray White tenanted office. There is not a big change in colour-just a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new again and attract clients to a good looking business.

Success builds success they say-and when prospective clients see your business looking great they are compelled to be part of that success-that’s just natural human behaviour. Do you feel comfortable walking in to the dentist when the gardens are sprouting weeds, the paint is peeling and cobwebs line the spouting..?? Not really … in the back of your mind you’ll probably be wondering if the dentist is going to treat your teeth with the same level of care! Not to pick on dentists in any way-it could be a restaurant, supermarket or a gym. What you see on the outside builds the expectations in your mind how you’re going to be treated on the inside.

First Impressions DO Count and the impression folks get of your business will add or detract to your success.

70% of business or property owners believe that the presentation of their properties directly contributes to their success in business. It is with this assurance that we can say Ray White will enjoy positive outcomes from this upgrade.