Road Surfacing – Anti Slip Coatings Refresh

The poor performance of existing road surfacing systems in New Zealand was very apparent to us so when presented with the opportunity to provide a superior system we took up the challenge. After months of researching the global market for high performing solutions we settled on a system using a high quality tempered glass on a series of specially formulated layer of resin based coatings.

We like the recycled glass as it fits with our environmental policy-and that of our client base in a world where sustainability is a key word in any process.

This car park resurfacing project is one of our recent applications using the new system of non-slip surfacing coatings, The Christchurch City Council had a slipping hazard issue with the previously painted surface and needed a long-term safe solution. Look for more brilliant blue car parks near you in the future as this product rolls out to the market-providing councils and property owners with a quality surfacing system for years to come.

A wide colour range is available- please contact us for more details.