Property Maintenance – What Is It

‘Property Maintenance’ often confused with ‘Property Management’ is vastly different, where maintenance looks after the functionality of the property, management looks after the tenants, admin and other legal aspects of property.

Property maintenance is an essential part of any commercial property regardless of its size. Your property is an asset and assets need to be maintained so that you get maximum return on investment. Just like cash in the bank, if not properly managed and invested you ROI may not be the best you can get at any given time.

In this article, we are looking at what ‘Property Maintenance’ is and how you should implement a robust and cost effective property maintenance plan for your property.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is the practice of effectively and efficiently maintaining a property to a suitable standard that is in line with the property’s age, design, and location. It typically includes trade services such as painting and decorating, low-pressure chemical cleans, grounds maintenance and other plumbing and electrical trades.

Step by Step Guide to Implementing a Robust & Effective Property Maintenance Plan.

Step 1 – Understand Your Property

Understanding your property is imperative to developing a robust property maintenance plan, knowing the history, previous maintenance and upgrades, design, construction materials and the future of the property should all be considered, as it can influence your decisions as to the property maintenance requirements.

Usage, understanding what the property is used for is also important, for example, if you have a large commercial factory that is used for warehousing and manufacturing, your maintenance plan is going to be largely functional rather than aesthetical. However, if your property is a 4-story office block in an urban environment, your maintenance plan will need to include aesthetical services such as window cleaning, as this will affect the appeal your property has, to prospective tenants.

Step 2 – Property Location

The external substrates and building envelope of your property will be the area where your property maintenance plan should focus on the most and this is determined by your property location.

Knowing your property’s exposure to direct sunlight, sea spray zones, wet areas (such as South facing elevations) is critical to developing an effective property maintenance programme. Things like your paint colour choice will be determined by your exposure to direct sun i.e. if you want to minimize repainting of your building that is highly exposed to direct sunlight it would not be wise to paint your building in a dark colour with a low RVL % as dark colours such as black have a low RVL% which means heat is attracted to the colour which heats up the paint and the substrate beneath and can cause the paint to fail.

Similarly, if your commercial property is in a damp location or south facing elevation where the chance of moss and lichen growth is high, you would need to consider using non-timber based substrates or applying a moss & mold treatment annually to protect the substrates from rotting.

Step 3 – Developing the Property Maintenance Schedule

Now that you have a good understanding of your property and its location, you can put together a robust property maintenance schedule below is a basic guide that you can use to help you.

* timber substrates

** Iron/steel substrates

Once you have confirmed your scheduled you then need to determine how long you want to run the plan for. We recommend a 10-year plan as this gives a good overall cycle of most substrates and paint coatings.

We suggest you use Excel or something similar and plan the work as per the table above for a minimum 10-year period. You then can go to subcontractors or commercial property maintenance companies such as PJF Services and ask for budgetary pricing which you can use to input into your plan.

Alternatively, if you would like a professional property maintenance plan done for your site please be free to get in contact with PJF. We can create a free no obligation property care programme for your properties anywhere in the country.