At PJF Services we run a Purple Cow theme – you’ve most likely heard of it before. Marketing guru Seth Godin has written a book of which there are more than half a million copies in print worldwide. Purple Cow is about transforming your business by being remarkable and sometimes it’s the little things that can make you remarkable. One example of this we’d like to share; Project manager Gary Paterson was recently on the job at a retirement home and heard the manager talking about setting up a children’s play area in the entry foyer. She was going to buy a blackboard but noticing the area had limited space Gary thought here’s my Purple Cow moment for the week! So he offered to paint one on the wall for her using Resene Blackboard paint  ….  for Free.

Naturally they were delighted and the result is pictured above. Furthermore Gary offered to bring some surplus toys from home to fill the basket. This was not difficult, it didn’t cost big bucks and what better way to reward a loyal customer ?!

‘Remarkable’ can be a small gesture but still have great results.

We’d love to hear your purple cow stories too, please be free to comment if you’d like to share one.