Smart Companies Believe in Preventive Maintenance

Smart companies such as the Christchurch Eye Surgery believe in regular preventative maintenance.

PJF Services has recently completed a maintenance staining project at the Christchurch Eye Surgery, the cedar cladding will be kept looking like new with a preventive maintenance plan in place.

Regular building washdowns or low-pressure chemical cleans are also another good way to maintain your buildings painted surfaces. Building wash downs or chemical cleans are a low-cost solution and can extend the life of a painted surface by up to 20%.

The Christchurch Eye Surgery have chosen to regularly maintain their site, this will mean that they won’t have any surprises in the future with expensive repaints or worse timber damage that leaves a permanent visual effect on the cedar timber affecting the overall aesthetical appearance of the building.

Property is normally our biggest asset, and yet it’s often left to deteriorate with no forward planning in place to maintain the external substrates. We tend to leave preventative maintenance and then are faced with expensive maintenance costs such as full external repaints or building cladding repairs.

Had there been a preventative maintenance plan in place such as what the Christchurch Eye Surgery has done, expensive repaints could be avoided.