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Our Latest Cleaning and Pressure Washing Work

Ultimate Care Group

Healthcare, Painting

PJF provides national property services, painting, pressure cleaning , moss treatment and window cleaning to a number of the Ultimate Care facilities around New Zealand.


PJF have next-gen waterblasting and chemwash equipment that allows us to clean your properties quickly, efficiently and with no risk of harm to structures.

This includes super high reach water fed poles (safety matters again) and the latest Ultra-Pure Water Cleaning system for windows. Ultra-Pure water is just that – it’s purified through a resin filter to remove all the impurities and minerals – this means your glass can be scrubbed clean and the water evaporates off leaving a streak free finish. If your glass is already etched with spots from rain this will remain, as it would after traditional scrub and squeegee window cleaning.

Now for the interesting bit! Our lightweight poles reach as high as 7 (Seven) stories! This is a big breakthrough in window cleaning. What it means for our clients is that in many cases glass can be cleaned from the ground, saving a fortune in access or abseil costs, which in turn means you can afford to clean more often – or save more with a cleaner, greener, faster method.

We’ve got your cleaning covered – at PJF we offer a variety of exterior surface cleaning services. These can be regularly scheduled, or booked in by you, when, and as the need arises:

Building wash-down and asset cleaning we use powerful waterblasting equipment for heavy-duty equipment, and feather-soft sprays and drizzles for plants.

Hot water blasting – this is equivalent to the above point, but cleans organic and inorganic matter up to 80% better than cold water.

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    Cleaning System

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Low pressure chemical cleaning – modern chemwash technologies mean that you can clean surfaces and objects far more thoroughly while minimizing the risk of damaging them.

Pavement/site cleaning and gum removal – depending on the surface, we either use waterblast pumps or modern chemwash solutions.

Carpark surface cleaning and oil spill removal – usually, the substances found in car parks stay around for a long time – but we know how to get them out quickly and easily. We use waterblasting for debris and dust, and follow up with a soft chemical solution where necessary.

Graffiti removal and protection – say good bye to unsightly, inappropriate images and text – and say hello to pristine walls that look as new as they were the day you bought them!

Moss & Lichen Treatment

Spouting cleaning using vacuum system

Ultra-Pure Water Window Cleaning – our powerful waterblasting pumps allow us to stand far away, making sure we don’t put a single scratch on your windows or walls while getting them cleaner than ever.

Street furniture and bin cleaning – sometimes, it’s best not to know what happens to street furniture when nobody’s looking… And with our chemwash solutions, you won’t have to – because any trace of foreign substance on street furniture will be gone.

We understand that services such as graffiti removal are urgent in nature-be assured that your request will be treated with urgency.

PJF Boom Lift Truck – access cost is often a big component in low rise building maintenance, that’s why we’ve invested in our own telescopic boom lift truck with a reach of 28m (similar to pictured model). The big advantage is the cost savings to you and there is the added benefit of being able to accurately plan work in advance. To the best of our knowledge this is the highest privately operated boom lift truck in New Zealand.

Why Waterblasting Works Best

Most people believe that you have to be at arms’ reach form a surface to clean it effectively. We know this is not the case – because we use high-pressure equipment to clear dust, dirt and debris from your property at a distance. This eliminates the risk of damaging the paint and what’s underneath it, saving you – and us – time, energy and money.

Why Chemwashing Works Best

We use a specialized combination of chemicals to clean exterior surfaces, standalone objects and even plants from all kinds of unwanted substances – from dust and debris to salt to thick, sticky solutions.

Exterior pressure cleaning is a key component of cosmetic property maintenance – and our team is happy to help you pick the best schedule for any object.

The huge advantage of this is that there’s no need to rub, scrub and rinse anything repeatedly. This minimizes wear & tear damage to your property, keeping it newer for longer – and also saves us time, meaning you pay less for the results you get.

We think this situation is a win-win – which is why we recommend chemwashing to others and use it ourselves!

Our Other Services

Painting-Interior & Exterior

We offer a wide range of exterior and interior painting and decorating services, with a great team who not only go the extra mile, but are respectful of your property and needs.


PJF offer all aspects of interior GIB stopping and dry wall plastering including GIB repairs and Coving installation, Level 5.


PJF are one of only a few approved and endorsed applicators of intumescent coatings in the construction, industrial and commercial markets.

Wall & Door

PJF’s senior management team leverage our 40 years of experience to inspect your property and provide a detailed condition report and recommendations.


The senior management team at PJF can leverage 40 years of experience to provide a detailed Property Care Plan that works for you. Our plans include a detailed condition report plus recommended remedial repairs-and an ongoing maintenance programme.