Industrial Coatings & Fire Protection

PJF are one of only a few approved and endorsed applicators of intumescent coatings (a fire proofing measure) in the construction, industrial and commercial markets.

Intumescent paints are used to reduce the spread of flame on timber surfaces and more commonly to protect steel from collapse in the event of fire. A protective ‘char’ is formed which acts as a barrier between the fire and the substrate limiting the heat transfer. The high solids coatings (sometimes 100%) are applied to specific film thicknesses to ensure the structural integrity of any steel structure is not compromised for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Our quality assurance controls and health and safety standards for these coating systems are extremely high; many checks and cross checks are critical to ensure film thicknesses are adequate so a building or structure can be signed off as compliant and achieve the necessary certification.

PJF has strong alliances with the key global suppliers of protective coatings and is constantly reviewing systems and new technologies to remain one of the few approved and endorsed applicators in this critical market.

Our Other Services

Painting-Interior & Exterior

We offer a wide range of exterior and interior painting and decorating services, with a great team who not only go the extra mile, but are respectful of your property and needs.


The senior management team at PJF can leverage 40 years of experience to provide a detailed Property Care Plan that works for you. Our plans include a detailed condition report plus recommended remedial repairs-and an ongoing maintenance programme.

Exterior Pressure Cleaning 

At PJF we offer a variety of surface cleaning services. These can be regularly scheduled, or booked in by you, when, and as the need arises.