The team at PJF Services are pleased to welcome Nathan Atkinson to our team. Nathan is based in Wellington and has joined us as our Wellington & Lower North Island Regional Pressure Cleaning Site Manager.

PJF offers a range of property care services that enhance the presentation of commercial properties Nationwide. Services such as painting and decorating, low-pressure building wash downs, chemical cleaning and external window cleaning are some of what we can do.

Nathan is fully set up in Wellington with a custom build hot & cold water blasting unit, it also has an onboard low-pressure chemical applicator unit for applying safe chemicals to help dislodge dirt and grime build up.

The low-pressure chemical sprayer is also used for applying moss and lichen treatments to roofs, walls, paths, and other painted substrates were leaving moss and lichen growth unattended can affect the coating and cause early paint coating failure.

The hot water blasting unit is 80% more efficient than standard cold water blasting as it removes dirt, grime, and fat build ups far more efficiently than cold water blasting does.

Nathan is also set up with our innovative external window cleaning system that uses ultra-pure water to clean windows up to 7 stories high from the ground and leaving a spot free very clean window.

Window cleaning using the traditional methods of the applicator and squeegeeing dry is slow and hard work, also it requires the cleaner to be right at the window height, this is normally achieved by abseiling or hiring elevated work platforms such as a knuckle boom or cherry picker. At PJF we like to think outside the box and innovate. That’s why we were one of the first in NZ to start using ultra-pure window cleaning technology saving our clients thousands of dollars on large-scale window cleaning contracts.

So, if you are a property manager, owner or tenant that cares about how your building looks and value presenting your property well, get in contact with Wilson Jones our Wellington & Lower North Island account manager phone: 0800 753 583 or email wilson.jones@pjf.co.nz to arrange a proposal for your building.

You might also be interested in our Property Care Programmes. Programmes are a paint maintenance solution that will care and maintain your painted substrates and of course, keep your buildings looking good. Paint maintenance programmes allow our clients to set and forget with the knowledge that your building or property is going to be well cared for and always look good.

Programmes are flexible and can include or exclude as many or less of our services as you choose, payment of the programmes can also be tailored to suit your budgets, for example, you can choose to pay as you go, meaning you pay for the work as its completed or you can spread the cost of the programme over the life of the programme.

Programmes can be designed for 1-10 years and remain flexible for the duration of the term.