What does the presentation of your facility say about your organization?

Organizations all over the globe invest in large amounts of time and money developing quality marketing campaigns, creating positive cultures and in general investing in things that generate a positive customer experience.

After all, that is not a bad thing to be doing…

However in many studies conducted by organizations including our own in-house surveys we have conducted over the years, we have found that where a customer comes to your organization to either shop, receive medical assistance, visit, become educated, stay, eat or work (in other words wherever you rely on customers coming to your organization), their decision to purchase from you, stay with you or visit your facility is greatly dependent on how well you present your property.

A survey has shown that more than two-thirds of consumers say they have avoided a place of business based on its external appearance. Consumers decide whether or not they will shop at your store based on its presentation from the street.

One-half of consumers (52 percent) have avoided a business altogether because it looked dirty from the outside. These consumers form an opinion of a business based on physical presence, which heavily influences their decision to shop at a location. Nearly all shoppers (95 percent) say that exterior appearance is important in their selection of a place to shop.

One-third of consumers have chosen not to enter a business because it “didn’t look like a place I would normally shop.” These consumers may not have been able to put a finger on specifically why they didn’t want to shop there, but there was something about its appearance that gave them pause.

The Importance of Property Presentation
Good presentation can make the crucial difference between a customer’s decision to purchase from you. It helps to create the emotional link that makes a buyer fall in love with your brand and business.

Below we have put together a list of things you can do enhance the presentation of your commercial property.


First impressions count – General Rules of property maintenance.

  1. The street appeal of your company creates a crucial first impression for customers. Making the front of the property look special should be a priority, as favorable first impressions can help win customers, attract better talent, and promote a professional brand to your customers.
  2. Stand across the road and cast a customer’s critical eye over the street presentation of your property, and ask yourself if you were going to come here and pay for goods or services, would you be happy too?
  3. Regally attend to paths and driveways, car park areasremove rubbish, weed, pressure clean, and keep your car parking lines and markings fresh.
  4. Check the condition of external walls, awnings, woodwork and gutters, and low-pressure chemical clean or paint where necessary.
    Repair broken gates, fences, doors, and screens.
  5. Window cleaning, inside and out, gives an overall impression of “squeaky clean”.

Grounds Maintenance – Look after your grounds

  1. If you have gardens, plant tidy shrubs, and bushes that look good and are easy to maintain
  2. Keep lawns mown and garden beds weed-free and tidy.
  3. Prune back any overhanging branches, especially those close to windows, to enhance natural light inside.
  4. Dress up outdoor areas with furniture or pot plants. Outdoor furniture can be inviting and attract customers to feel relaxed in your organization.


Make it sparkle – Clean and Paint

  1. Get professional cleaners keep your common areas, and client facing areas regularly cleaned.
  2. Check all lights are working and replace bulbs if necessary, to ensure rooms are light and bright.
  3. Keep your walls and ceilings looking fresh, consider a fresh coat of paint on walls and ceilings. Choose neutral tones that will appeal to a wider audience and make it feel light and bright. Colourful feature walls can give a drab room a lift and look amazing.
  4. Ensure skirting boards, architraves and doors are free of marks; wipe down and repaint, if needed.

Maximize space

1. Less clutter gives the impression of more room so pack away items you don’t need to make rooms appear more spacious.
2. Reposition furniture to make rooms look spacious and don’t hinder movement and flow around your office or business.

Is it too much for me to look after?

We know that people live busier lives than before, never before have we lived in a society where the rate of change has been as fast as what we experience today.

That is why, PJF Services has a mission to “enhance the presentation of commercial property with smart property care services why providing exceptional customer care” we know that property managers, building managers and property professionals a busy people and the last thing they need to be worried about, is making sure their properties are looking good.

PJF Services offers a range of commercial painting services, for both interior and exterior painting, paint maintenance programmes and programmed maintenance services. We compliment this service with our low-pressure chemical cleans, building wash downs, window cleaning and gutter cleaning along with offering grounds maintenance services nationwide.
And to make things as simple and easy as possible, we have developed a property care program solution which will plan your property/s maintenance and provide you with a 10 year fully priced plan and provide flexible payment options.

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