We’ve got your commercial building washing covered – at PJF we offer a variety of commercial building washing and exterior pressure cleaning services. These can be regularly scheduled or booked in by you, when, and as the need arises:

Commercial building washing and asset cleaning we use quality pressure cleaning equipment for application of eco-friendly chemical and then lightly rinse with low pressure clean.

Hot water blasting – this is equivalent to the above point but cleans organic and inorganic matter up to 80% better than cold water.

Environmentally Responsible

Ultra-Pure Water Cleaning System

Save more with a Faster method

Commercial building washing using low-pressure chemical cleaning – modern chemwash technologies mean that you can clean surfaces and objects far more thoroughly while minimizing the risk of damaging them.

Pavement/site cleaning and gum removal – PJF Services has the ability to clean large-scale pavement and car park areas with our range of pressure cleaning equipment.

Carpark surface cleaning and oil spill removal – Oil spills found in car parks look unsightly and damage the car park surface – however, with the assistance of hot water pressure cleaning and a heavy-duty degreaser, PJF Services is able to remove most staining.

Graffiti removal and protection – say goodbye to unsightly, inappropriate images and text – and say hello to pristine walls that look as new as they were the day you bought them! PJF offers a full graffiti removal service including removal and paint out.

Moss & Lichen Treatment

Spouting cleaning using vacuum system

Ultra-Pure Water Window Cleaning –  Cleaning windows and leaving a spot free finish is something that most window cleanings struggle with, however, at PJF Services, e have invested in Ultra-Pure Water technology that enables our cleaners to efficiently clean windows up to 7 stories from the ground without having to blade the glass dry.

We understand that services such as graffiti removal are urgent in nature-be assured that your request will be treated with urgency.

PJF Boom Lift Truck – access cost is often a big component in low rise building maintenance, that’s why we’ve invested in our own telescopic boom lift truck with a reach of 28m (similar to pictured model). The big advantage is the cost savings to you and there is the added benefit of being able to accurately plan work in advance. To the best of our knowledge, this is the highest privately operated boom lift truck in New Zealand.

Our Other Services

External Painting

Corporate Imaging

Surface Coatings

Painting Programmes

Internal Painting