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Our Latest Grounds Maintenance Work

Kidsfirst Central Otago

Grounds Maintenance

PJF were awarded the contract for the grounds maintenance for the Central Otago Kidsfirst sites. Contract includes mowing, gardening and general grounds care.

Grounds Maintenance Services

PJF offer dedicated commercial grounds maintenance services nationwide with our team of agents and contractors who understand the PJF values and brand promise. 

A clean carpark, trimmed grass and a tidy garden are signs that you care for your staff, your property and your clients. PJF Services offers routine grounds maintenance services to our clients in the healthcare, body corporate, hospitality and education sectors. We have experience in all areas of grounds maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance Services:

  • Lawn mowing and maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Shrub pruning and maintenance
  • Litter collection and removal
  • Car park sweeping

A good looking property on the outside will attract more people to the inside.

For all work sites, we conduct our own site specific safety plan (SSSP) and task analysis and conduct regular site meetings with staff to maintain our strong health and safety focus.

Why Us?

PJF Services will maximize your property’s cosmetic potential, creating a better first impression and creating a high-value brand perception in your visitors’ minds.

As soon as you reach out to us, we will pick a convenient time for us to assess your property. After this initial stage, we’ll suggest a plan of action – for up to 10 years into the future if necessary. In stage 3, we’ll go back and forth with you to make sure these plans are a perfect fit for your property, your needs and your budget. No matter what your aesthetic goals are, we can make more than you might expect happen – and unclutter your life in the process.


grounds maintenance services
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We hand-pick our staff and use next-gen commercial equipment, because we understand that commercial and public properties are different from private objects. We work quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality standards – which is how we’ve stayed in business for 40+ years.

Our expertise and experience allow us to do our job better than anyone else in New Zealand – and deliver savings and great value to you at the same time. Our values are reliability, professionalism and quality, not necessarily in the order – and we go above and beyond legal requirements and contractual obligations to make sure you’re proud of the end result we leave you with.

Why Outsource Ground Maintenance?

At first glance, you might think that hiring someone to do grounds maintenance for one or several objects is a smarter choice than getting it outsourced. This is true in many other residential services – so why wouldn’t it apply to this one?

Glad you asked! We believe that hiring your own grounds maintenance staff is usually a waste of money – and here’s why.

  1. As New Zealand’s top property caretaking company, we specialize in maintaining and repairing property. We get our equipment and materials at wholesale prices and fill our staff’s timetables with work. Both factors give us the economies of scale to bring prices down – and offer the service to you at a lower cost than solo contractors would.
  2. We have many decades of expertise in our industry. This means we make fewer mistakes, do better work and offer services that last longer. You may be able to save money by cutting corners – but in the long run, our price-quality ratio can’t be beat.

Custom Grounds Maintenance Projects

We are happy to offer maintenance services packages that meet all your specific requirements – whether a project involves grounds work alone, or a complete maintenance package for your grounds, property and facilities.

We understand that each and every property is unique – and treat our projects accordingly. Our goal is to bring out the absolute best in every object we work on, and to this end, we are always happy to work with you to ensure your grounds and landscape are always beautifully manicured, greener than the grass on the other side of the lawn and visually irresistible.

Grounds Maintenance In Your Property Care Plan

With our property care plans, we offer a thorough, straightforward analysis of your property care needs scheduled up to 10 years into the future. The budget remains flexible with no long-term contracts, no interest, no hidden fees and no surprises, meaning you can get a property care plan for your needs with no strings attached.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in with your future grounds maintenance projects, we are happy to discuss a property care plan focused on – or involving – caring for your object.

We’ve been in this industry 40 years, and we haven’t always been perfect – but we have always been honest, transparent and caring. If that sounds like your kind of company, do yourself a favour and check out our other services below. Who knows – we might do great work together!

Our Other Services


We offer a wide range of exterior and interior painting and decorating services, with a great team who not only go the extra mile, but are respectful of your property and needs.

Exterior Pressure Cleaning 

At PJF we offer a variety of surface cleaning services. These can be regularly scheduled, or booked in by you, when, and as the need arises.


The senior management team at PJF can leverage 40 years of experience to provide a detailed Property Care Plan that works for you. Our plans include a detailed condition report plus recommended remedial repairs-and an ongoing maintenance programme.